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Odd K. Hauge

By Journalist Vinmun, in Family Five

When Odd K. Hauge début solo exhibition in 1983, it had already been 21 years since the start of his mechanic apprenticeship and he had otherwise been working as: mechanic, custom work, lubrication, engine man, stoker, engineer, computer assistant, sole machinist , designer, tool designer, sales engineer, project engineer and set sea legs of 9 vessels. You can read the hole history about the painter OK Hauge here.

Frontstykke til jubileumskompendiumet

The steps for learn drawing and painting

About following in my steps:

If you follow these my steps(1) do I belief you will get an very exciting and interestinglyjourney through meting with professional artist in their own studio´s(2) and out of doors(3), through shared exhibits and your own one man exhibitions, through personal artists and publicly gallerys(4) and informative museums(5) through out of doors meeting with good arts, governmental decorations and monuments, through society and painting club, art equipments shops ;o), art shopping from artists(6) and through society, through meeting with cheerful people in your portrait painting, through your art teachings, pro picture criticism of your work, own learning (teachers, pupils and student) and sales of your work, through study of art prints, posters and CD/DVD, exiting reading of magazines, news and books, through peaceful meting with the nature, in your out of door paintings and sketching, and through, - through, - -
good voyage.
Regarding reading my commentary:(1)-(6) then enter the steps by OKH.
News on Flickr

I have now stopped using the groups I previously posted the photo to. Posting photos to local groups is now the new trend.
 The latest has been to create new groups, as members of the family five administer, but with good help from the painter Hauge ;o)). These groups are:

In the beginning it is not limitations regarding the photo one can post, so have a more photo,
within these groups theme, it's easy to get them posted just now. Welcome to these new groups.
Thanks for coming inside and welcome back ;o)
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